A Hard Heart, Jesus Movement and Keith Green

Not many Christians of my generation can forget the impact a talented, bold , young Jewish man made on us. That sounds like Jesus doesn’t it — well, it’s not. It’s Keith Green. Keith was an outspoken Jesus follower who challenged us to live completely for God. To give out hearts, souls and mind to Jesus. He challenged us to live radically for Jesus. Maybe a little like Francis Chan today, but there was just something about Keith’s message, the urgency in his voice and words that captivated and convicted.

Keith not only spoke with power but his music was hauntingly deep and yes, captivating and convicting. I had the privilege of hearing his wife, Melody, speak yesterday in Elizabethtown, PA. She told stories of her life and challenged us to show compassion and really see those around us everyday, everywhere we go. It brought back so many memories of my late teens and early twenties when the Jesus Movement was happening. Many were making serious commitments for the Lord and coming to know Him. It made me long for that kind of spiritual outpouring to happen again.

I don’t know why God chose to take such an influential voice for Him home so early, why Keith had to die when he was only 28. But he left a lot of music behind, music that still stirs the soul and heart when I listen – and even when my Millennial children listen.

Here’s a couple of Keith’s songs I’ve been captivated and challenged by this week. I thought they might stir your heart, too.

And because it’s Easter- I must include The Easter Song:

Do you have a story of how Keith or his songs impacted your life? Please share by clicking ‘Leave a reply’ at the top of this post, just under the title.

1 thought on “ A Hard Heart, Jesus Movement and Keith Green

  1. New Things

    Keith Green was my first exposure to the Christian music scene. I was just a kid when he was killed, and I remember praying for his family in chapel service at the little Christian school I attended. As I grew, I took his words, his example of faith, and his teaching with me into adulthood. I wanted to live like that, to be known and remembered for my faith and my relationship with the Lord. I’m so glad you posted this, what a beautiful soul. Can’t you just see him (and Rich Mullins, and others who have gone before us) worshipping at the throne of grace with new songs for us to hear when we get there?



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