Leaning into Lent

Photo by Georgi Petrov on Pexels.com

This year lent begins on Wednesday, February 17. Lent, it’s a time of reflection and looking forward to Easter. It begins on a Wednesday every year, starting 40 days before Easter.

Many religious traditions include ‘giving something up’ for Lent as a way of focusing more on our spiritual life and relationship with God. It’s a good practice or discipline to build into our schedule. Have you thought what you might give up this year?

A couple of questions to ask: what is taking a lot of my time or thoughts? This will get you closer to what you might give up. If it’s taking over your time or thought life, then giving it up automatically frees time to consciously build into your spiritual life.

This year why not buy a book or devotional to help center and focus a little extra time on spiritual wholeness leading up to Easter. This week is a good week to decide how you will want to pursue that over lent.

Here a several guides that can prove helpful:

Taking time to prepare for Easter through the Lent season will help us experience this holy season in new ways.

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Somebody to Listen

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The Certainty of the Cross – Part 2

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The Certainty of the Cross – Part 1

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Potatoes and Tea

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 A Hard Heart, Jesus Movement and Keith Green

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