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Sunflower tea set

Tea Tuesdays

Blogging is work! I have a new found respect for bloggers who daily or even weekly consistently post. It takes dedication, inspiration and time to provide fresh content that has value and informs.

The secret, it seems, is a passion for the topic, a plan and a schedule. Imagine that, a schedule!

I’m wading in again, sticking my toes in the water. It took some pondering, but I realized that my passions are already in my blog title- tea and faith.

And I’ve made a plan! Tuesdays will bring you all kinds of content about my favorite comfort drink, tea. A beverage that my mom gave me a love for years ago. We’ll talk about tea rooms, tea stories, tea history, and of course recipes.

And faith? Well, you’ll need to check in again on Friday to find out how faith will show in the blog.

It feels great to have a plan and a schedule! Not only that, but I’m counting on it to keep me on track to post wht will benefit you.

Here’s to Tea Tuesdays and stay tuned for Friday!

Today’s Topic: (Gulp)…Relax

January 2

Relax-and-Unwind550First off, I can’t believe I’m blogging!  Last year, the subject of blogging came up at one of my friend’s small dinner gatherings.  (Now keep in mind that I didn’t know the other ladies at the gathering.)  I thought I’d try and participate in the conversation by putting in my two cents’ worth and stated that many people with blogs have no business blogging because they don’t have anything ‘educational or useful’ to say.  The ladies around the dinner table became awkwardly silent.   Apparently, there was an avid blogger in my midst and I had no idea.  Oops!  Talk about inserting foot in mouth!  Anyway, I wanted to confess that to you and say that I’m one of those ‘bloggers’ that doesn’t’ have much to say:)

Here it goes: relaxation.  It’s ironic that I’d get this topic.  I’ve had several VIPs (very important people) in my life tell me to relax in the last week or so.  I’ll admit, I’m no good at it!  So I decided to research how to relax and here are my findings.  Step 1 in how to relax: accept stress.  Lately, my biggest stress has been my new, old house.  Yea, confusing!  My husband and I just bought a house in Bellefonte, PA and moved in 2.5 weeks ago.   The house is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it is old.  We went from a home built in 1999 to a home built before my grandparents were born!  I absolutely love many aspects about it…the hardwoods, pretty molding, beautiful fireplace, etc, but there’s one thing I don’t like.  The place never looks clean!  Part of it comes from boxes still strewn about the house, but the other part of it comes from the age of the home.  It’s been ‘seasoned with love’:)

Anyhow, on to relaxation steps 2 & 3.  Step 2 is relax your body, you know…the stuff your doctor lectures you about…eat right, exercise, etc.  Now step #3 is the one I really need to work on and that’s relaxing my mind.  I’m a product of my mother, so relaxing my mind is almost impossible.  Haha!  No, really, my mom always has new ideas…sometimes for her, sometimes for dad, sometimes for me, sometimes for the president.  Now I’ve found in my researching that there are many tools to relaxing your mind, from positive thinking to pampering yourself, to prioritizing your schedule.

The most important way to relax your mind, though, is by relaxing in Him.  We do this by spending time with Him, by focusing our thoughts on Him, and by being still in His presence.  As a result, He gives us fuel to accelerate into our day and to face the road ahead.

Blogging with Daughters

Janine and HollyIt’s almost time to say ‘goodbye’ to 2012, I look forward with
anticipation to 2013.  One awesome thing that will be happening this coming year is that my daughters, Janine and Holly, will be joining me in this blog.  We  plan to take turns posting from our daily times with God.

We are each reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and will rotate sharing insights we’ve  picked up from the daily reading.  Thanks Janine for purchasing the book for  each of us!  We will be remaining anonymous as to who is writing each day, but  if you are a good detective I’m sure it will be evident who is writing on which days.  So watch for us beginning January 1 and subscribe to our blog to keep up with each post!  Happy New Year!