Jesus, Faithful Companion

January 3


I have to admit…I kind of entered into this blogging venture a bit unenthusiastically. Basically, I didn’t want to be the daughter to say no. I didn’t want to be the disappointing daughter, the needle that deflates mom’s hopes of the three of us doing this together. So here I am, blogging; something I’ve also never done before or thought I’d ever do.  My one stipulation was that our blogs remain anonymous, but I’m pretty sure the anonymity thing went out of the window. I’m the final blogger to go of the three of us and I’m sure it’s not hard to figure out who’s who. Hint: I didn’t just buy a house in Bellefonte and I’m not married:)

When my sister graduated from college and moved to New York State, she took the family dog, Betsy, to live with her to have as a nice little companion so she wouldn’t be alone. My sister loved Betsy. Betsy was always at the door happily greeting her when she came home from work. Betsy was there to comfort her when she felt sad and lonely. And Betsy was a great listener! When Betsy died a couple of years ago, my sister was heartbroken. So, being the wonderfully sensitive woman that she is, she went out and bought a memorial stone (larger than the size of our actual dog!!) and had the words ‘My Faithful Companion’ engraved on it. Betsy was faithful…but Jesus is the ultimate definition of faithful. What a refreshing thought….Jesus: Our constant and Faithful Companion! There are so many verses in the Bible and songs that speak of God’s faithfulness to us. Psalm 36: 5 says ‘Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies’ and Psalm 33:4 says ‘For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all He does.’

Jesus is always with me, wanting to talk with me, wanting to share in my joys and sorrows, wanting to bear my burdens for me. Psalm 139 illustrates this point well. That God watches and knows everything that I do.  There’s nowhere that I can go where He’s not. He’s with me and within me. And what’s even more amazing is that He is with all of us in the same way at the same time! That’s incredible!