It’s mine, and I want it!

When my kids were toddlers my husband lovingly and skillfully made them a large toy boxo.   I remember times they would grab specific toys and wouldn’t want to let go. Their little hands would turn from pink to white as they held on tightly and cried if someone tried to take it.  At timesCrying for toy they were holding onto something that they really didn’t know how to play with or had outgrown, but it was theirs and they wanted it.

That picture came to my mind one day when grappling with the idea of letting go of a good thing in my life.  My schedule was busy and I could see this ‘thing’ was taking more and more of my time. The thought of letting it go was enough to make me grab tighter and cry.

In my mind I could see the toddler holding on while behind him (her) was this great big toy box with so many other toys. Ones that were colorful, challenging, and maybe more fun!  But that toddler was so fixated on keeping what was in their hand that they couldn’t even see the other toys available if they would just let go of the one they had.

I think I’m like that toddler sometimes. I get so wrapped up in something that I can’t see how I could ever do without it, that it’s actually taking up way too much of my time or keeping me from more important pursuits.  I hold on for dear life because I don’t want to lose it.   And all the while God’s gently saying, if you are willing to give this up, I have others things I want to put in your hand that will be more fulfilling, help you grow and bring even greater enjoyment. As long as we fixate on the good thing we have in our hand, we can’t turn or see clearly enough the better thing He has to offer.  (Rom. 12:2)