The Perfect Day(s)

In my 30 years, I can say with confidence that I’ve lived two perfect days.  One was the day I married my best friend and the other was a day that I spent in Charleston, SC with my sister.  They were two totally different days, but both were perfect in their own unique ways.

My wedding day was better than I could have ever imagined due in large part to the months of hard work and planning done by both families.  Everything was just perfect….the ceremony, the reception, the band, the guests, my dress, the food, the toasts, the vows… That’s really just the beginning of the list!

Charleston was a totally different experience.  Our trip was one big adventure!  When my sister and I arrived in Charleston, we knew we wanted to do two things:  take a boat tour of Charleston harbor and go on a carriage ride around the town.  On the boat ride, my sister and I came up with this brilliant but wacky checklist.  Our list included hopping around to 3 different restaurants per meal, one for app, another for main entree, and a final one for dessert.  What a way to sample Charleston’s varied cuisine!  Another item on our checklist was to scoot our hineys on one of Charleston’s cobblestone streets in memory of our dear, sweet Betsy.  (Betsy was our family dog who passed away back in 2008.)  To top off our day, we randomly found ourselves on James Island, mesmerized by the most breathtaking Christmas light display I’ve ever seen!

I couldn’t replicate one of my perfect days, not even with my best effort.  For starters, I don’t even think I could get into my wedding gown!  And I’ll bet James Island’s light display’s a bit different from year to year.  Anyway, it does no good to live in the past.  Instead, I need to focus my energy on cherishing the present.  I only get one shot to live out today.  Psalm 118:24 says “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”