Face Plant

A few weeks ago on my way home from work, I couldn’t help but notice the most beautiful bright shining moon. I pulled into the driveway, shut the car door and decided to get the mail. My arms were full, but I thought I could handle a few more items. I proceeded to walk down the driveway with my eyes pinned to that moon, mesmerized by how radiant it looked in the night sky. Before I knew it, I went from vertical to horizontal…I did a nose dive smack into the green grass in my yard. I had ventured off of my driveway, twisted my ankle off the side of the pavement and had no time to react before doing a face plant. I got up confused at how that could have happened. I thought I knew where I needed to walk without looking…boy was I wrong!

I think that’s how we can be sometimes with God. We get so distracted by things that look so enticing and bright and beautiful that we’re not watching and focused on where we really need to be going. We can get so caught up in things that really have no meaning in life and that take our focus from God. A painful face plant into truth is sometimes needed to bring everything back into focus after which we need to get back up, ask God to mend our cuts and scrapes and hop back onto the right path.