Rolling stones

Rolling stones is a really interesting thought. Stones in and of themselves normally stay put , are used for bases for roads, foundations for homes, fireplaces and so much more. But when a stone starts rolling it takes on a life of it’s own.  Did you ever kick a stone down the road? I like to walk and take turns kicking a stone just to see which path it takes, each time it hits the ground it bounces in a different direction, sometimes straight, sometimes really a skewed. It depends on the angle it’s kicked, what it hits when it landed, what side of it hit the ground, and other variables.  

We can choose a life of a foundation stone, laid where it’s not going to be moved, strong and sturdy whether in a job, in a hometown, or relationship. Or we can be a rolling stone allowing ourselves to go where the wind or circumstances take us.

Sometimes it’s not by choice, storms come and wash us down stream to a different spot than we normally would be.  Or our personality or life circumstances pry us from sedentary ways or cause us to stay put.

It’s good to ponder what kind of stone we are, it helps us understand ourselves, how God made us and maybe even how we got where we are.