Have the last months brought anxious thoughts and sleepless nights? Are you stressed and anxious most of the time? I went through a similar time several years ago. I worried about my husband’s job, safety of my kids, and everything at work seemed monumental. I feared the night and couldn’t sleep. Peace could not be found.

On the other end of the phone at work I heard the caller say, “God’s peace be with you.” A light bulb went off in my mind. God’s peace – God gives peace. I searched the Bible for how he might be able to help me, how he might give me peace. As I did I experienced this verse in a way I never had before:

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! Isaiah 26:3 

Trust is an interesting word. Something I really had to consider and ponder. Was my lack of trust that he wants the best for me and my family keeping me from having peace? Didn’t I believe he able is to protect and care for us? 

Beyond trust, this verse also says that peace comes from fixing our thoughts on him. I asked myself if I consciously think on God, on who he is, what he does for me, and what he says about how he cares for me. Or was my mind consumed with something else? And if it was, how do I fix my thoughts on God? 

God brought me through that hard time  and showed me that I need to fully trust him and control my thoughts. I still have times of anxiety but now I have this word from God to recount and remind myself to change what I think about.

Take a few minutes to ponder this verse for yourself.  Ask God to show you what you trust, what you fix your thoughts on that keeps you from his peace. 

God gives us peace! Wonderful calm peace.

Peace for your home.

Tea for relaxation and sleep.