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Beautiful, crisp Fall mornings. Daylight peaking it’s head up later and leaving sooner each evening. Trees changing color. All are evidence that the season is changing.

I think I love living in the North so much because I can so visually see change through the seasons. It causes gladness and sometimes a sense of loss as the trees take on their brilliant hues. On one hand they are the most beautiful, but on the other I know what lies ahead– change. The beauty falling and the foundation remaining preparing for elements that will require a stripped down model, but thenthe hope of something new come Spring.

I think God loves visuals, and that He gave us this visual to help us see what He put in motion that most evidently translates through His creation. Not only physical creation, as our bodies go through seasons of life, but organizational bodies, relationships, and activities. A wise king, King Solomon, observed this. He said, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” Eccl. 3:1. It’s a well-quoted verse, but today in nature’s season of change I’m finding it especially meaningful.

There’s a season for every activity- maybe it’s a job, maybe it’s who I work for, maybe it’s a position held in a group or church, maybe it’s a leisure activity, maybe it’s a relationship or a combination of several. There are seasons to everything.

It gives me comfort to know that God created everything for change, so the uneasiness felt in any area of life, or in an organization could possibly be a sign of a seasonal change. Something good and right and needed for this season of life.

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The Gift of Pondering

Red Lodge, MTOk, so it’s been way too long since we have posted. Maybe we (I) haven’t been
doing what our blog name implies, pondering faith.

Got too busy, too distracted, to take time to ponder.

Today is a good day to begin again.
It’s so good that God doesn’t condemn when we take those ‘sabbaticals’ .  He
patiently waits until we tune into Him again. Oh, I’ve come to Him since
February, that’s for sure, but more with my agenda than spending quiet time,
silent time to hear what He would say to me.

Imagine if I hiked a tall mountain to speak to a wise person and when I got there all I did was talk, then left to make my descent.  I didn’t spend any time sitting and listening or
asking questions and waiting for an answer or enter conversation? That would be
a waste of time and energy, wouldn’t it.

I feel like I do that a lot. Spend all my time asking God for this and that, but no time actually allowing Him to communicate with me.

On this long holiday weekend, maybe it’s a good time to sit and listen to the wind blow, the birds sing, ponder God’s written Word (the Bible) and allow God to speak.

Preferring the rich

rich and poorWant to be hit right to the core?  Read James 2: 1-7 in the Bible.

What happens when someone comes to your meeting who is dressed fancily, in the latest styles, and someone else comes in not quite so put together? It doesnt even need to be a stark contrast. Maybe one is overweight, or plain-looking, or has a physical ailment or deformity. Who do we gravitate towards? The one who socially sticks out? What do we miss, what do we overlook? Who do we give attention to in the meetings? Who gets to speak and is given more respect? The wealthier, oh they must be more knowledgable.

Not so, the Bible says God chooses the foolish things to confound the wise. The weak to shame the strong. The poor to be rich in faith if they love him.

Oh, we are pitiful. We run after Hollywood stars who dress so fine and outlandish and deck themselves out with gold and silver. We look for any word from them on matters they know nothing about.

People in power are looked upon as great and wonderful and the little guy is silenced. Disgusting and so twisted.  

Oh God, change my disgusting and twisted thoughts and prejudices. I can’t change the world, but I can change myself. Help me to see and appreciate the poor in riches, but great in faith. Help me show no favoritism nor put any weight to words or appearance of those who would seek it for their own mis-guided gain or notoriety.

Ode to Potatoes (A Poem for Lent)

English: Potatoes lyonnaiseOh potato I love you
No matter how you look

You can be baked
You can be loaded
You can be scalloped or mashed

Oh potato I love you
No matter how you look

You can be french fried
You can be hashed
You can even be chipped

But today dear potato
I’m laying you aside
For something more dear
Calls me to draw near

You are gone from my life
For the next 40 days
May each thought of you
Cause me to focus on Jesus’s ways

Who’s batting for you?

Why is it that I only show true reliance on Jesus when I’m going through rocky times?  I’ve been working on processing an answer to this difficult and disturbing question for the last few days.  A few months back, I experienced a personal tragedy in my life that sent me running (really, beelining) to the Lord for the comfort, direction, and peace that only He could bring.  As a result, He pressed on me the desire to join a women’s group at my church, to meet one-on-one with the group leader at Panera’Baseball pics, and to start building friendships with some of the other Christian women at my church.  Boy, did I feel good!  After the study ended and I found myself in a better place spiritually and emotionally, my outings started becoming more sparse and even my time spent in Bible reading, prayer, and devotion started sinking depressingly low.  Looking back,  I’m forced to ask myself the question “Why?”.

The answer can be summed up in two words: independence and conceit.  Dictionary.com defines independence as “freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.”  I must admit that I’m naturally a very independent, self-sufficient person, to the point where my husband has jokingly commented that I don’t even need him around!  That comes from many years of living on my own before getting married.  When times are hunky-dory, I find myself relying on me, myself, and I for just about everything.  But when times aren’t so swell and life seems to be throwing me curve balls, I find that I need someone bigger, better, wiser than myself to step in for me and to ‘play those innings.’

If I can wholeheartedly admit that Jesus is my answer when life throws those curve balls, and if He’s as wise, as big, and as strong as I know He is and is the provider of all good things (James 1:17), then why wouldn’t I ALWAYS want Him batting for me?  Really, I think I could do life better than He can?!?!  Wow!  Sounds a little conceited, doesn’t it?

As I start into another new year, my prayer (for myself and for anyone reading this) is that we will learn how to truly rely on Jesus, the Good Shepherd, the Wonderful Counselor, the Provider, not only when times are bad, but when they’re good as well.