Preferring the rich

rich and poorWant to be hit right to the core?  Read James 2: 1-7 in the Bible.

What happens when someone comes to your meeting who is dressed fancily, in the latest styles, and someone else comes in not quite so put together? It doesnt even need to be a stark contrast. Maybe one is overweight, or plain-looking, or has a physical ailment or deformity. Who do we gravitate towards? The one who socially sticks out? What do we miss, what do we overlook? Who do we give attention to in the meetings? Who gets to speak and is given more respect? The wealthier, oh they must be more knowledgable.

Not so, the Bible says God chooses the foolish things to confound the wise. The weak to shame the strong. The poor to be rich in faith if they love him.

Oh, we are pitiful. We run after Hollywood stars who dress so fine and outlandish and deck themselves out with gold and silver. We look for any word from them on matters they know nothing about.

People in power are looked upon as great and wonderful and the little guy is silenced. Disgusting and so twisted.  

Oh God, change my disgusting and twisted thoughts and prejudices. I can’t change the world, but I can change myself. Help me to see and appreciate the poor in riches, but great in faith. Help me show no favoritism nor put any weight to words or appearance of those who would seek it for their own mis-guided gain or notoriety.